Facial & Body Treatment

Feel more beautiful inside and out

Opening Hours 11:00 am – 02:00 am
Please call 905.261.7777 to make an appointment

*Listed prices do not include admission. Cost of admission will be added on top of your massage / facial / body charge.

Facial & Body Treatment

Feel more beautiful inside and out

Opening Hours 11:00 am – 02:00 am
Please call 905.261.7777 to make an appointment

*Listed prices do not include admission. Cost of admission will be added on top of your massage / facial / body charge.

Facial & Body Treatment

Feel more beautiful inside and out

Opening Hours 11:00 am – 02:00 am
Please call 905.261.7777 to make an appointment
*Listed prices do not include admission. Cost of admission will be added on top of your massage / facial / body charge.

Facial Treatment

SPA by 111SKIN is a revolutionary spa concept that offering aesthetic performance face treatments for the first time in a multi-sensory spa environment. Inspired by our surgical expertise, powered by our clinically-engineered skincare and approved by globally-renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides; SPA by 111SKIN is a true fusion of proven clinical results within a luxurious sensual experience.

  • Celestial Black Diamond Lift Treatment 90 mins $405

    The most intensive facial, using science-led formulas with diamond powder to increase the absorption of active ingredients to target fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment harnesses the lifting and firming properties of our most intensive clinical collection. With highly concentrated natural active ingredients tailored to your skin type, this treatment provides incredible luminosity and radiance to the skin, revealing a smooth, seemingly ageless complexion. The custom designed massage helps to ferment the ingredients to sink into skin enhancing their benefits.

  • Meso Infusion Hydration Treatment 60 mins $235

    This facial uses a topical non-invasive cocktail of active ingredients, which are the exact replica of our clinical mesotherapy solution. Moisture-rich, volumizing, and deeply hydrating layers are applied repeatedly throughout this treatment.

  • Signature Dramatic Healing Treatment 60 mins $160

    A high-performance facial that enhances the skin’s ability to repair and re-strengthen itself using the iconic Y Theorem Repair Serum- a clinical grade product which utilizes the unique NAC Y² formula. Skin’s antioxidant production is elevated, and skin health is completely restored.

  • Anti-Blemish Treatment 60 mins $150

    A signature facial designed for oily or combination skin to rebalance and restore the natural dermal equilibrium. It has been developed to effectively treat blemish-prone and inflammatory skin. Ideal for adult or teens to help manage breakouts and prevent scarring.

No matter how high the bar may be, we know how to help you achieve your skin care goals. It could either be focusing on youthfulness, glow, even toning or illumination. Since 1991, ARC have specialized in creating and maintaining beautiful and healthy looking skin. Our GoSpa estheticians are professionally trained in the most innovative technology, techniques, and active ingredients by targeting treatments based on the condition of your skin.

  • Age-defying Facial 60 mins $145

    This is targeted treatment to restore radiance and vitality by balancing hydration, regeneration, and photoprotection with the medical proven benefits of plant extracts, vitamins, hydroxy acids, and peptides. This treatment is specifically formulated to help prevent and correct visible signs of aging.

  • Calming Facial 60 mins $90

    Rejuvenate, clarify, and improve the overall health and radiance for your sensitive skin. Specially designed to prevent environmental triggers of redness and infection while promoting capillary support, and stimulating collagen and synthesis.

  • Radiance Facial 60 mins $100

    Ideal treatment for a radiant and even complexion. Designed to help supress melanocyte activity, prevent hyperpigmentation, and promote a more even tone while smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • Purifying Facial 60 mins $90

    Innovative resurfacing and anti-inflammatory treatment for oily and acne skin. Help to regulate oil production, reduce breakouts, and provide healthy looking skin.

Founded by Jean Gedouin in Saint-Malo, France. Phytomer is the pioneer in Marine Biotechnology. It creates an intensely relaxing and deeply holistic atmosphere from very Marine Immersion Phase. The complete care approach continues with the unique relaxing massages featured in all facial and body treatments. Numerous exclusive products provide the sensation of ‘letting go’ for a prolonged sensory experience.

  • Hydra Facial 60 mins $80

    Signature facial treatment with exceptional and visible results, its biotechnological effectiveness for firmer, smoother skin that glows with renewed radiance.

Facial Upgrades

  • Uplifting eyes treatment $50

    A gentle treatment using eye serum and “bo jin” technologies , it will certainly help diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness, and smooth out crow’s feet. Our esthetician will use “bo jin” to help rejuvenate and nourish your delicate skin. The treatment will be finished with a soothing collagen eyes mask.

  • Y-Lift Neck Treatment 30 mins $75

    Renowned for the Y-Lift Neck re-sculpting procedure, our non-surgical treatment combines a powerful, clinically developed firming protocol with the popular Y Lift Neck and Décolletage Treatment Mask.

  • Lip treatment $20

    A must-try lip treatment that instantly exfoliates dry, chapped skin, while visibly plumping the lip contour.

Facial Peeling

  • A+ Retinol peel $90
  • Citrus C peel $90
  • Pro-Lactic peel $90
  • Pro-Glycolic peel 15% $90
  • Pro-Glycolic peel 30% $90
  • Pro-Salicylic peel $90
  • Pumpkin Glycolic peel $90

Body Treatment

  • Sculpting Body Treatment 60 mins $120

    An express and intensive program of the contouring effectiveness is radical: the skin looks firm and smooth.

  • Sea Holistic 60 mins $100

    Deeply relaxing and replenishing for the skin. Sea Holistic skin care combines a creamy exfoliation with a totally enveloping massage, from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. Every part of the body is renewed under the esthetician's hands for an incomparable sensation.

  • Detoxing Marine Body Treatment 60 mins $90

    A choice of two high performance marine body wraps combined with a complete body massage to help eliminate toxins or reinvigorate skin issue.

  • Firming Body Treatment 60 mins $90

    Improve and create the appearance of a new body. After the multi- smoothing exfoliation, a remodeling massage targets the firmness of the skin, thereby creating the perfect and tightened skin.

Body Upgrades

  • Leg Revival $50

    A targeted treatment to comfort and relieve tired legs as well as help restore the appearance.

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