Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Massage

It has been a stressful year for everyone, with December just around the corner, treat yourself and family with a relaxing massage at Go Place! We offer a variety of RMTs (Registered Massage Therapy), which can be claimed with most company insurance. At Go Place, your safety is our top priority. In order to comply with government’s capacity policy, we encourage you to call and pre-book your massage treatment.

Registered Massage Therapy:
Swedish Massage • 60 / 90 mins
Therapeutic Massage Treatment • 60 / 90 mins
Deep Tissue Massage • 60 / 90 mins
Couples Massage • 60 / 90 mins
Lymphatic Detox Massage • 60 / 90 mins

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Important Notice

Proof of Vaccination Required Starting Sep 22

Effective Sept. 22 the Government of Ontario will require guests to provide both proof of vaccination and identification documents to access the premises.

Guests will need to either print or download their second dose receipt from the government website. The receipt must be for the guest’s second dose, and the date of administration was at least 14 days prior.

Examples of identification documents that can be used to confirm vaccine status include a Canadian passport, a Canadian citizenship card, a health card, a drivers license, a foreign passport, or a permanent resident card.

Guests are solely responsible for demonstrating that they are the legitimate holder of the receipt.

Go Place reserves the right to refuse anyone entry to the venue if guests can not provide valid proof of vaccination and identification documents.

重要通知 - 9 月 22 日起需要提供疫苗接種證明

自 9 月 22 日開始,依據安省政府規範,所有賓客均需提供疫苗接種證明身份證明文件才能進入場館。所有賓客均可從政府網站打印或下載第二劑疫苗接種證明,請注意疫苗接種證明必須為第二劑,且接種日期至少為 14 天前。